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         At present, the market can buy the best computer chair is probably the United States Hermanmiller Aeron and embody, aeron known as the human history of the most healthy and comfortable work seat, it began in 1994 and as a permanent repository of the American Museum of Modern Art .


         Aeron offers a 12-year warranty that appears to be very confident about your company's products. Aeron is very common in domestic large companies, there are some music, film and television companies are often equipped, because these jobs often sit is more than 10 hours, it will often see in Aeron movies. But the price is too high, not many people buy it. 


        In China, HC FURNITURE computer chair whether from product quality and price for the office workers is a good choice. After a large angle lying function with sponge footrest, the big angle of the back to bring you worry-free lunch break, can also greatly improve the efficiency of the afternoon. Thickening of the original sponge cushion, in the provision of support at the same time, reduce the pressure of the seat to face the leg, designed for sedentary people, for a long time to sit on the office, it is really an indispensable work artifact. Four-point three-dimensional support to your neck, shoulder, waist, spine more scientific support, office environment more comfortable, the frame structure using raw PP material, environmental protection and health; While the backrest on the movable waist design, can meet the needs of different body groups, effective stretching the waist pressure.