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    In China, Copper Locker has  centuries-old history, developed in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ages of copper in China is more than 5000 years, it is tough but not heavy, soft but not fragile. As the stable metal only stand behind silver and gold, it could be kept for a long time .You could found many Chinese antiques are made of copper, such as some copper coins and famous Mother's Square tripod 


       Actually, the advantage of use copper as material is more than that



        First, the copper handle can destroy germs, providing you a healthy environment. Maybe you would like to use the beautiful stainless steel door handle, because it looks very clean and reassuring, but the fact is not like that. Recent research by U.S. scientists shows that stainless steel door handles may breed and flourish tens of thousands of germs, including Gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus.

       However, Experts tested the brass lock door handle with surprising results: the bacteria in the copper lock handle is much less than the stainless steel handle, meaning that copper has the effect of eliminating bacteria.

       Experts repeated the experiment to determine the rate of bacterial death on copper, resulting in all bacteria was eliminated on the brass in seven hours or less, and on the newly polished brass surface, the "annihilation" Less than an hour, just 15 minutes. Therefore, experts suggest that brass door handles are best used in places like hospitals, shops, airports, and stations for the protection of public health.

      Second, the role of patina. "Copper green" is a oxide from copper , the main component is basic copper carbonate and basic copper sulfate, the two complex salt was cyan, so it called "patina."

    "Copper green" often covering the surface of copper products, to prevent the continued oxidation of copper, play a good protective effect. Copper and compounds are not toxic to humans as some heavy metals do. Since ancient times, copper products (such as copper pots, copper pots and copper water containers) have been used in China for thousands of years. Copper has shown its friendly green face to human beings and mankind will maximize the rational use of copper to maximize its use Benefit.

      The secret of copper to destroy germs is that pure copper itself is prone to chemical reaction in the air and in low pH environment to form a thin film.The film has the function of preventing the copper from continuing to undergo chemical reactioin, it also play a inhibitory role against the bacteria.The human sweat has complex components, these complex components remain and take reaction in the copper surface. The results of the reaction in the brass surface will make the bacteria lost the living conditions, bacterial will die in a short time


    Now, noting the benefits of choosing a copper lock?


    Available copper locks, with your beautiful life.