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    As the work life for white collor workers is having much more pressure than before, the manufacturer who work for the office furniture try their best to figure out the better way to satisfy the health and the comfortable for the people.
    Most workers spend their days sitting in a desk chair, staring at a computer monitor atop a desk. For decades, this setup has been standard in offices across the world, leading to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, and an increased risk of heart disease. In recent years, however, professionals have begun reimagining the traditional office setup in innovative ways that improve productivity and make work seem fun.
    These new work setups can be more than a way to shake up original office concepts. They can help you overcome the adverse effects of sitting in a chair all day. Here are a few workstation setups that might be healthier options for you.
    Balance Chair
    While it may not seem the most comfortable way to work, physical therapists and medical professionals have long recommended balance chairs to workers with back problems. These chairs force proper posture, preventing slumping, which puts the spine in an unnatural position. This is one of the most affordable options, usually retailing for less than $100.
    For those who aren't sure whether a balance chair is the right option, balance balls are a great way to try out the concept first. In addition to strengthening back muscles, balance balls can also help tighten up a person's abs and work out arm muscles. It might not feel comfortable at first, but it's important to give the body time to adjust to sitting this way before making a decision.
    Sitting in a chair all day can be unhealthy, but most professionals have found it's the only way to get the job done. These new workstation setups give professionals an alternative to sitting in a standard desk chair. Whether a worker decides to sit, stand, walk, or recline, it's important to test out the different work styles before committing to one.

    Balance Chair.jpg

    Treadmill Desks
    While standing burns more calories than sitting, walking burns even more. Treadmill desks are designed to rest on top of a specially-designed treadmill designed to run for long periods of time at a low speed. Some professionals have decided to build their own desks over existing treadmills, but it's important to note that most residential treadmills aren't built to run for hours at a time. Those who choose a DIY option may find that the treadmill part of the desk doesn't offer longevity.
    A dedicated treadmill desk option like those offered by LifeSpan can be fairly expensive. The low-powered treadmill is the most expensive part. If you want to try a cheaper option with an existing treadmill before committing to one that will last multiple years, TrekDesk offers the desk portion that can be fitted over an existing treadmill once the arms are removed.

    Treadmill Desks.jpg

    Standing Desk
    Perhaps the most popular new office concept is the standing desk. Standing workers burn more calories and stave off the health risks that come with sitting all day. Instead of sitting all day, workers set their computers up at a level they can reach when they're standing.  Before choosing this option, try it out on one of your kitchen counters with a laptop. See if standing all day is a good option for you.
    Unfortunately, standing all day can be hard on your joints, as well as your feet. For that reason, many professionals now opt for a combination standing-sitting desk that allows them to alternate throughout the day. There are companies that make sit-stand desktop workstations that can rest atop a normal desk, lifting the monitor back and forth from a standing position to a sitting position throughout the day.

    Standing Desk.jpg

    The Altwork Station
    Billing itself as "the new way to work," the Altwork workstation puts a worker in a reclined position, with the monitor and laptop above. Currently the company is selling the workstations for $3,900, but that amount will go up to $5,900 once it has been officially released.
    In addition to allowing workers to recline, the same workstation can be configured to let the employee stand, sit, or collaborate with others. This means a professional can change positions throughout the day to provide the diversity necessary to minimize health impact.

    Altwork Station.jpg