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        First of all, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers want to popularize the cause of moldy furniture. There are two main causes of moldy wood furniture. One is humidity and the other is temperature. Reasons for moldy furniture: Molding is mainly due to dampness. Sofas, rugs, quilts, pillows, and even stuffed toys can all be exposed to moisture and homeowners can use it for storage or improper maintenance. Mold growth requires a suitable temperature and humidity environment. The optimum temperature for mold growth is 24°C to 30°C, and the temperature for the growth of fungi is slow at temperatures below 10°C and above 40°C. Low temperature can not kill the fungus, only play a suppressive role to make it sleep. High temperatures kill molds in the wood. When the wood moisture content exceeds 20%, mold can grow slowly. When the humidity of the wood reaches more than 35%, mold will multiply.

        Now everyone knows the cause of moldy wooden furniture. Now, Guangzhou office furniture factory to tell everyone how to prevent furniture moldy. After the traditional solid wood furniture is damp, the surface paint will be partially discolored, and the wood will expand due to the increase of moisture content. When the moisture in the environment is reduced, the previously deformed parts will crack due to the reduction of moisture, especially in the furniture. To prevent dampness in furniture, we must first avoid furniture placed in high temperature and humidity, and keep the room ventilated.

        Newspaper anti-mold law, this method is suitable for closed small spaces, such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets and so on. For example, at the bottom of the wardrobe, the inside of the cabinet door can be covered with newspapers. It can not only absorb moisture, but also the taste of the ink in newspapers can also drive insects.

        Charcoal dehumidification is the most popular moisture-proof method today. The black charcoal can be boiled in water for 10 minutes in advance, filtered out of the water, ventilated and dried, placed in a breathable basket after two days, placed in the diagonal position inside the house. Put about 5 to 10 kilograms per room. Charcoal is cheap, and it can be reused after it is dry and economical.

        Wooden furniture moldy and wet the largest relationship, so Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers recommended that we must prevent the mold must be a good dehumidification work.

    For people who want to buy furniture, whether it is home furniture or office furniture. Beautiful and affordable plate furniture is definitely the first choice for many people. However, due to the materials and processes of panel furniture, most of them are manufactured by manual design. The quality of the plate has a lot to do with the manufacturing process, so Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers believe that the selection of plate furniture should pay more attention to the process.

        Before introducing how to buy panel furniture, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers first spread out some of the plate-related knowledge. Panel furniture refers to the furniture made of MDF or particle board, such as surface veneering, which is very fashionable due to its variety of styles. Among them: surface-mounted wood-grain paper called plate-type sticker furniture, surface-mounted natural wood veneer called veneer-laminated veneer furniture, surface-striped tri-aminoamine paper-laminated plate-type melamine furniture, and surface-sprayed polyester varnish called plate-type paint furniture. Life Story products belong to veneer furniture.

        Whether it is home furniture or office furniture, for the selection of panel furniture, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers feel the same. First of all, there are a few things to note when buying.

        1, first of all, to see work, pay attention to the gap in furniture activities. For example, the gap between the door and the drawer is good, and the fineness of the work can be seen from the suitability of these gaps. If the gap is large, it means that the work is rough, and if it is long, it will be deformed. Pay attention to the firmness of the furniture structure. Gently push the furniture with your hand. If there is shaking or rattling noise, the structure is not firm.

        2, the main size, the main dimensions of the plate furniture, that is, the functional size, the national standard are stipulated in the purchase should pay attention. Because if the furniture is smaller than the specified size, it will bring a lot of inconvenience and affect the use of furniture.

        3, surface quality, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers recommend to look at the surface when the purchase of the board whether there are scratches, indentation, bubbling, degummed from the skin and plastic traces and other defects, whether the natural smooth wooden pattern, for symmetrical furniture, More attention should be paid to the consistency and harmony of the color and texture of the board. Also consider whether the color of the furniture is in harmony with the color of the interior wall and the floor. Frequently there is nothing else but the color is not ideal. This is also an important reference standard.

        4, Finally, we must also look at furniture accessories. Accessories are very important for furniture. As an important part of the panel furniture, hardware has a direct impact on the quality and service life of panel furniture. Good hardware, smooth surface without rust, sliding push and pull smoothly, no noise. If the hardware surface is coated with paint, the manufacturer may need to pay special attention to masking the rust and flaws on the surface of the hardware.

        Compared to other furniture, Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers believe that when purchasing panel furniture, they should pay attention to the production process. Because, solid wood furniture tree is the key reason to decide the quality of furniture. Similarly, for leather furniture, the quality of the leather also determines the quality of the furniture. But for panel furniture, because each material is the same, the production process determines the quality of the furniture.