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    Mentioned above, there is no good quality in this world, new models, sale stick, the price is low such a thing. But sometimes, the choice of who is even the last to choose why the brand, you do not know, is it? How did I choose this brand? As if it is very famous, or did not seem to have heard of this brand how to choose him?

    The key factor is that: Shopping guide Oh
    Now almost all formal furniture stores such as: IKEA, home actually, JSWB, etc., which will be the brand of shopping guide professional training, there is no mall manufacturers, manufacturers are not finished training but also with other more professional trainers to Training.

    how to choose office furniture.JPG

    It can be said that the sales force is one of the most well-known groups in the world. They may be familiar with various topics in various industries, and you are most familiar with what you are most interested in or most want to know. So how to circumvent the guidance of shopping guide, to choose their favorite furniture?

    The internet
    Learn what you need from the web, learn about what you like about extensions you do not like. Of course, the things on the network, must believe, incredible, Ta Mada employment big ticket water army brush sense of presence brands everywhere I can say it?

    Physical store
    Is visiting the store, into any one store, do not express your opinion, just need to ask more to listen to see more. Of course, I ask what you do not know, or what you want to hear, listen to and hear what they explain and explain. Look, watch depends on the details, there is no cracking, deformation, paint is not in place, There is no smell of nasal choke. Of course, the praise of shopping guide and this product is necessary.

    where to buy office furniture.JPG

    This process to give shopping guide to help you record the model, size, price or even the lowest discount, or to the last with the shopping guide said: I intend to find a few colleagues to buy together, probably about two or three hundred thousand, you look at this price . . Remember, to ask for the spot discount and the final transaction price, shopping guide slippery ambiguous words, for the time being forget it. When shopping guide to ask your contact information, do not give, unless the flower girl long nice voice really good to hear, so you have the intention. But it is best not to have any idea, because the shopping guide is most interested in how to get out of your pocket money, but also make you willing.

    what office furniture do  I need.JPG

    friend's house
    Often go to a friend's house, closer and closer to the feelings, how long did not you go to a friend's house to sit? At the same time look at what furniture he chose, how to use? By the way how much the discount price of this kind of thing will be a mouth you believe it?
    Very important, very important
    Do not believe the designer recommended, do not believe the designer recommended, do not believe the designer recommended!