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    How high is your seat?

    Today, height-adjustable office chairs have become the choice of many people. But what is the most appropriate height? "I'm tall, my legs are long, and my chair is uncomfortable." "I'm short and I'm awkward to sit on a high chair." "I liked the 'nest' in a chair." Because of these reasons, many netizens raised the height. High and low "individual" office chair height. The number of seats with a fixed height accounts for a small number, and the height of the chair lifts adjusted by themselves is varied.

    Is this saying reliable?

    The highest point of the chair seat is just below the patella. Is this reasonable? Experts said that the “highest point of the chair is below the kneecap” is quite reliable. Moreover, for those tables and chairs that are fixed, there are ways to deal with them - the most appropriate seat height is "two verticals": the thigh and calf are vertical and the spine and hips are vertical. If the seat is low, you can put things on the seat so that the thighs and calves are at right angles. If the seat is high, you can place a little bit under your feet, ensuring two right angles. What can I do if the desk cannot adjust the height? Then use the book "bottom" to change the height of the computer screen.

    What if the chair is too tall?

    The office seat is too tall or too short, and the knee is the most vulnerable. The chair is too tall and both legs are in a "floating" state. Because of the influence of gravity, the knee joint is also in a state of drape, and it is prone to chronic strains such as inflammation of ligaments. If the chair is too short, the legs will unconsciously stretch forward, and then the problem of knee fatigue occurs. Over time, "sequelae" is a cartilage lesion.

    Micro tips: want to sit comfortably at the waist plus a cushion

    “Beer cover” reminds you that it is important to protect the lumbar vertebrae by placing a cushion on the waist of the office chair. If the seat height is not appropriate, it will accelerate the lumbar lesions, but if you can add a cushion, the damage to the lumbar spine will be reduced much.