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    1. Reading T ables for Library (in cluster of 4) shall be in desk based modular partition system with following

    specifications and provisions:

    2. Main Legs: Main leg shall be made up of the Leg Frame, Fascia & Caps and tubes. Leg frame shall be

    made up of Mild Steel (M.S.) E. R. W tubes of following types and sizes - Semicircular cross section of

    30 x 60 - Formed MS leg base with bot tom ‘C’ channel (curved 1.5mm thick powder coat ed) Leg Fascia

    shall be made up of CRCA (Cold Rolled Cold Annealed)'D' grade 0.8mm thick m.s. sheet as per IS – 513-

    1994, pre-treated with 2 step single chemical spray phosphating process finally powder coated with

    average 50 to 60 micron thickness of epoxy powder coating.

    3. Wire Mangers: T hese shall be made up of two 'C' sections back to back spot welded, shall be made up of

    CRCA 'D' grade 1.6mm thick. M.S. as per IS: 513-1994, pret reated finally powder coated with epoxy

    powder coating. T hese shall be fastened together with telescopic piece on spring washer and M.S. screws

    to get variet y in length. A fascia of 9mm thickness PLB shall be snap-fitted on wire managers for mounting

    of switches.

    4. Screens: Pre-laminated Screen (Front ) – 759(W) X 450(H) (Rectangular) shall be made of 25mm thick

    Pre-laminated twin particle board int erior grade of approved shade conforming to IS:12823:1990. The top

    edge of the screen shall be finished with new t-mould to give clean edge and the rest of the sides shall be

    HLL Infra Tech Services Limited

    HITES/PCD/PMSSY-III/RC-02/17-18 dated 03.01.2018 Page 9 of 60

    finished with 0.5mm thick pvc piping. Screens shall be fixed to Work surfaces with screen holders of

    powder coat ed Aluminium extruded sections of square cross section 25.6 mm x 25.6 mm,1.8 mm thick (of

    grade He-9-63400). ABS caps shall be used on these extrusions.