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    Do cubicles reflect personalities? Does cubicle arrangement play a part in shaping opinion about the work that you do sitting there? If you're an office worker, you'll probably spend more than half of your active day in your cubicle. It is ‘your space’ where you sit, work, relax, ideate, formulate and process your thinking in all possible ways. You may well have been oblivious to this space but it is a part of who you are. Hence, this article will help you with rewarding cubicle transformation ideas to create a livelier and more productive atmosphere to work in.

    1. Blend in the corporate color scheme.

    Blend in the corporate the color scheme.jpg

    You can incorporate a theme to match up with the overall office decoration or go in for a livelier work space as per your convenience. Check for the etiquette and office culture limitations before indulging in anything bold or flashy.

    2.Get creative and use cheap options to decorate your space.

    get createive and use cheap options to decorate your space.jpg

    Recycled materials are very good and eco-friendly too. For example, simply wrap two to three empty cardboard boxes with beautiful wrapping paper. Place them in your cubicle in a coordinated manner and utilize this as a pen holder.

    3.Incorporate small changes.

    incorporate small changes.jpg

    Make sure that they do not distract you from the work. A single bold element makes good impression over several small ones.

    4.Add personal photos, in good taste.

    add personal photos, in good taste.jpg

    These are one of the best stress relievers in a work space. It helps you take your mind off the impending pressure in the office. Family photos or memories from a wonderful fun trip are few suggestions. However, limit personal pictures or mementos to one wall or space in your cubicle only.


    5. Add small potted plants to bring in the green element into your cubicle.

    decorate with items that will be used daily.jpg

    It calms and soothes the nerves and is the best way to bring in nature in the office interior design as well. Make sure that it does not cause inconvenience to your co-workers.


    6. Decorate with items that will be used daily.

    The workplace is no place for knick knacks. Arrange stationery meant for daily use and put it in a table organizer. If you don’t get time to buy one, ask your kids to make a beautiful table organizer for you. A very good option to keep your kid involved for three to four days during their holidays.


    7.Cut out inspirational quotes and motivating thoughts.

    cut out inspirational quotes and motivating thouhgts.jpg

    These are to keep your positivity meter high. A beautifully framed message always offers delight to onlookers.

    8.Don’t add soft toys or a teddy bear on your desk.

    Your cubicle is not a desk at your college, it is a place to work, so respect that! Instead, you may add certificates and awards to one side of your cubicle displaying your achievements and successes.

    9.Add a beautiful painting/poster to your cubicle.

    add a beautiful painting.jpg

    A good painting can have meditative effect on your brain and senses. Looking at a soothing painting continuously for over 45 seconds calms down anxiety and increases the ability to focus.


    10.Use bulletin boards to display the vital information pertaining to the ongoing projects or progress in work.

    use bulletin boards.jpg

    Go ahead and post welcoming notes and greetings on one corner of the board. It is a warm way to welcome visitors into your space.