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    A sofa tends to be the centerpiece of any room. Due to it’s size and placement, it’s likely to stand out regardless of color or style. However, choosing the right color for your sofa can not only bring a room together, but make a proclamation about who you are. All you need to do is decide if you want to take the sensible, yet versatile route, or go all in with a bright, bold statement piece.
    Looking at Outside Influences

    1st. Take into account who will be using the sofa. Before you choose a color for your sofa, consider the other members of your family. If you have a roommate, children, or even a pet, you may want to go with a neutral dark or medium color like gray to hide potential stains. For example, small children are prone to making messes, and the last thing you want is to come home to a light colored couch covered in dirt and food residue. Similarly, pets like dogs and cats are likely to shed so you may want to match the color to their fur. This will spare you both constant worry and cleaning.

    2nd. Look at the overall motif of the room. Is the room you’re placing the sofa in for relaxation, entertaining, or simply for show? If there is a set purpose or theme to the room, you will want the color of the couch to reflect this. For example, if the room is a quiet place for relaxation, going for a light, minimalist color like a pale green or beige is a good choice. However, if the room is for show, you may want to make more of a statement with a bright red or deep purple.

    3rd. Think about your personality. If you’re the type of person whose style is constantly changing, then you may want to go for a solid, neutral color. Though this may seem surprising, choosing a non-descript color and dressing it up with accessories like throw pillows is a great idea for someone with a shifting style. A gray, black, or navy couch works similarly to a blank canvas. It also works with pretty much any color you want to add to it.

    · For those with a more traditional, consistent style, you can choose any color you like. Though a solid is recommended over patterns for versatility.

    4th. Think about the fabric. Depending on the members of your family or the kinds of friends you have, you may want to go for a specific type of fabric. For example, if you aren't worried about dirt or debris you can try for a linen couch. However, if you expect a lot of wear and tear, you may want to go with a more durable fabric like leather or wool. Leather can be both vacuumed and damp-wiped to clean, while wool resists wrinkling, fading, and pilling. Keep in mind that each fabric will cost differently, though.

    · If you aren't sure what would look best in your room, try bringing a couple of fabric samples home. You can get free swatches from craft stores like Jo Anns, or even whole fabric books from eBay.