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    The previous office furniture was desks, office chairs, conference tables, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and other furniture that were closely related to the office, but now the office furniture is no longer just a few, office sofas, leisure tables and chairs, etc. Both belong to the category of office furniture. With the popularity of open office, it is difficult for us to see the traditional desk shape in this space. It is also rare to include screen work spaces. Some of them are office sofas with family leisure furniture structure. Casual office tables and chairs, as well as a casual office room that mimics the restaurant's card slots.

    Many people may think that such office space is very fashionable, but in fact these types of design and functions have appeared and applied, and now it is just a turn and come back. The beginning of the desk began to imitate the desk in the family. The file cabinet is the wardrobe and locker at home, but the size and internal structure have been changed, and office supplies have been installed.

    Creative office furniture is a kind of modern office furniture. The design of this kind of office furniture is simple or complicated, but the overall design is very prominent and very creative. With the establishment of new enterprise space, the more creative modern office furniture The more you like, the more you like the young people in the workplace, but the creative office furniture should pay attention to the quality of several aspects when expressing the creativity of the appearance.

    1. The fundamental of functionality. Office furniture as a working tool, no matter how creative your appearance, can not deviate from the basic use effect, creative office furniture creativity, based on the complete efficiency of office furniture functions.

    2, comfort, office furniture comfort experience is also very important, especially office furniture, office sofas, such as the use of office furniture, creative design, but also in the design considerations, how to bring Come to a more comfortable experience.

    3, durability, all the quality of office furniture is built on a long life, without a solid foundation, no matter how comfortable you are before, it is empty talk, so in the creative design, the structure should be reasonable and stable Based on the principle of sex, the structural quality of office furniture is more secure and can withstand the years.