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    Making your own desk can save hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you are interested in a customized look, you can create a wooden desk that looks professional and has plenty of storage space. Measure your office, choose your look and build a desk that fits your style. Some familiarity with power tools and home improvement projects will make this job easier.
    Method 1 .Adjustable Desk
    1.Get your materials. You'll need a 48"x20" (or similar measurement) piece of MDF or plywood, two adjustable wood trestles (easily found at Ikea or other stores), wood screws, and paint. You will also need a circular saw if your wood is not already cut to your desired measurement.

    2.Cut your wood to size using a circular saw. Measure and cut the wood you purchased to the necessary dimensions for the desk top. Remember: measure twice, cut once.
    -You can also cut a hole in the back of the surface or at the edge, in order to fit cables through.
    3.Sand your wood. Unless you have found pre-finished wood panels, you will want to sand the desk. You can rent a power sander to save time. Wipe off the desk when you are done.
    -Use 40-grit sandpaper if your wood needs stripping and resurfacing.
    -Use 80-grit sandpaper to smooth out imperfections.
    -Use 360-grit sandpaper at the end of sanding, to further smooth the surface before staining
    4.Paint the wood. If you want your desk to be a color, you can paint the trestles and desktop. Spray paint will probably go on the fastest, but you can use regular paint as well. Keep in mind that a wood stain will only work if your wood is unfinished.
    -You can choose different colors for the cabinets/trestles and desktop, but you should choose colors that will compliment your house.
    Place the pieces. Bring the pieces into the room where the desk will be used. This saves you the trouble of carrying the whole desk in later. Set the desktop atop the trestles, so that the bar of the trestle is a few notches up and the two trestles are placed evenly about 3" from each end of the desk top. You can check to make sure that it's level but for most situations it won't need to be completely perfect.
    Screw the desk top in place. Using appropriately long wood screws, screw through the desk top and into the trestles, 3 screws to each side (evenly spaced). You can further secure the desk if you can find 4 corner brackets that are small enough to screw into the desk top and the adjustable trestle surface.
    Do finishing touches. Use some wood putty to fill the screws and then finish with some paint touch-ups. Add any other finishing touches you want as well. Enjoy your new desk!
    -Remember that you can use the trestles to adjust the height of the desk.