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    In addition to the traditional height can be freely adjusted, video conference table lift system and other functions, the intelligence is also reflected in the design of the chair, the seat can be raised and lowered, the waist, the armrest can be adjusted before and after, up and down, left and right to support different lumbar height And elbow operation height. At the same time with memory function, can automatically adjust the support points according to the user's sitting position.

    office desk.JPG

    With the progress of the times, office furniture is no longer a cold and humane office equipment, but also full of personality and artistic atmosphere. Stylized office furniture is changing people’s stereotypes of fixed office space and fixed stereotypes, allowing more professionals to seek more freedom and inspiration in a personalized office environment.

    Humanization also shows concern for health, attention to environmental protection, and the use of lower-carbon, more environmentally friendly, recyclable materials to make office furniture. It is the basic requirement for the future; and ergonomic office furniture design is even more. The basic development of office furniture design.

    With the continuous development of China's economy, the domestic furniture industry has achieved unprecedented development, especially since the 90s of last century, the furniture industry continues to develop rapidly. As a branch of furniture, office furniture is also developing at a high speed.

    According to the production value data of office furniture over the years, the output value in 1999 exceeded 50 billion yuan; in 2004 it exceeded 80 billion yuan; in 2005 the output value was close to 100 billion yuan; in 2007 the output value has exceeded 100 billion. Although the impact of the financial crisis on the furniture industry has continued since 2008, the market for office furniture still continues to be around 100 billion.

    There are competitions in the market, but there are many chaos in the process of domestic furniture industry competition, poor quality products, excessive hazardous substances, and hidden safety problems have seriously hampered the normal development of office furniture, but also the economy and safety of consumers. Due to losses, many office furniture companies are faced with a crisis of integrity. However, we have always firmly believed that survival of the fittest is the law of natural development, and inferior products and unsafe furniture will eventually be eliminated.

    We can only rely on the high quality and good reputation of the company's products to win the market. After many years of development, Shenzhen Borui Furniture has become the largest office furniture manufacturer in Shenzhen, and has a good reputation and has served many customers. The products we produce also win consumers' favor because of their own quality and advantages. In the field of office furniture, it ranks first in the country.

    In recent years, with the rapid economic development, the living standards of the people in the country have been greatly improved. The quality of life has begun to attract more and more attention. The first requirement for quality of life is a healthy and comfortable environment, regardless of the family environment. Or the office environment, people's space design requirements for the office environment are also increasing.