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    The office partition is generally referred to as the screen partition often used by people. This is an office furniture item used to divide and layout the space. Its function is the same as the traditional solid wall. But there are more features such as mobility, decorability, and so on. The office partition is an essential piece of furniture for a modern office building. Now, with Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers to understand some of the knowledge about the screen partition and common sense it.

        Let's take a look at the types of screen partitions, by purpose, function, form, material, nature and shape. Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers cut off the office into six categories. First of all, to understand the main advantages of panel furniture, after the Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers to introduce its shortcomings and shortcomings. In summary, there are six basic advantages of panel furniture.

        1, moisture resistance, furniture in the humid place will not be deformed.

        2, high temperature, strong paint, easy to wear, deformation, cracking.

        3, flexibility, style can be ever-changing.

        4, color, texture, even distribution, no color, beautiful appearance. The styling design has more changes and outstanding personality, satisfying people’s pursuit of personality and fashion.

        5, environmental protection. The powerful manufacturers chose a medium-density fiberboard called raw wood nanoplate. When it is molded into sheet metal, it adopts the internationally leading high-temperature squeezing pressure technology to take advantage of the nano-physical properties of wood fiber under high temperature and high pressure to instantly form. The use of the resin glue catalyst (containing formaldehyde) is avoided, and the environmental grade and physical properties of the board are all better than the solid wood furniture.

        1. The most important course is safety, durable and fireproof. The compartment system is composed of metal structures. The materials like glass and color steel plate have fire resistance. The fire resistance of the steel structure inside the compartment system is 30MIN. , 60MIN or longer.

        2, the inner structure can be easily implemented cable shop. There is no need to pre-embed the wall, and the protection and modification of the cable is more convenient, and the strong and weak ionization can be combined. The cable trough can serve as a shield for signal lines.

        3, good sound insulation, partition walls have very good sound insulation.


        Whether it is an office partition or a home partition. Partition walls are visually segmented with their lines and blocks to create a humanized interior space that is simple, concise, layered, transparent, and flexible. Office partition wall decoration The open partition wall divides the function area of the small-sized office, which can not only effectively extend the space vision, but also create more three-dimensional visual effects. At the same time, light colors should be used as the keynote, so that light reflection can increase indoor permeability and expand office space.

        Cut off, it can not only divide the space into several parts, but also can decorate the office space. But also can play a supporting role, safety and fire protection. There are many advantages. Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers believe that this is why the office partition now has almost every office space.

        No product is perfect, and there are disadvantages to having advantages. Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers believe that the shortcomings of plate furniture are mostly not environmental protection. If the veneer is not fully packaged, it will easily release harmful formaldehyde. The use of formaldehyde-produced furniture made of wood-based panels will cause indoor environmental pollution. In the manufacture of artificial plates, additive adhesives are used in many cases. If the furniture is not veneered or sealed, there will be pollution hazards. Not only that, because some panel furniture adopts a strip of veneer, there will be a sense of duplication on the pattern and lack of natural variability.

        In fact, there are some drawbacks to the plate home. However, other furniture also has disadvantages, and the advantages of panel furniture are more prominent. Therefore, this is why the market share of panel furniture has always been so high.