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     At the 110th Canton Fair, the Pearl River Delta furniture company, which has occupied a third of the national market for a long time, is now faced with significant market pressure. Although many Pearl River Delta furniture companies came to the exhibition this time, their profits are still facing a crisis. Many negative factors such as the shrinking of orders from exporting European countries, rising production cost pressures and many other negative factors have caused a considerable part of the Pearl River Delta furniture companies to embark on a transformational road. The production focus of businesses is rapidly developing from the rough processing to the direction of creativity, R&D, and brand.

      At the Canton Fair this year, the orders for export to Europe have decreased compared to last year. With fewer orders, profits have naturally decreased. It also felt that the demand from European buyers was declining, and orders from buyers in other countries like the United States were relatively stable.

      Due to rising production costs and shrinking foreign markets, many Pearl River Delta furniture production and sales companies have had to choose transformation and upgrading. These furniture manufacturers have changed from export sales to domestic sales. The company's production priorities are from rough processing to creativity, research and development. The brand has taken three major steps to achieve rapid development. In recent years, as the furniture export business has become more and more difficult to do, some furniture manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta have begun to choose domestic sales, hoping to gain considerable profits in the domestic consumer market. Those furniture manufacturers that have switched from exporting to domestic sales have continuously increased their product design and R&D efforts, adding elements suitable for Chinese people on the basis of European and American styles, actively exploring the domestic market, and opening specialty stores in major cities in China. In the process of opening up the domestic market, some companies have indeed reduced their trade frictions and achieved doubled growth in corporate profits.

      Since the world financial crisis, the traditional export markets of the Pearl River Delta furniture industry in Europe and the United States have been hit hard. Orders from the international market have been severely shrinking; while the cost of raw materials and labor in the mainland of China has been rising, the appreciation of the renminbi has further squeezed many Pearl River Deltas. Furniture company's production profits. Unprecedented harsh property market regulation policies in the Mainland have also begun to affect the domestic sales of the furniture industry in the Pearl River Delta region. Whether for export or domestic sales, the business of the Pearl River Delta furniture companies is increasingly difficult to do. Domestic policy restrictions and foreign economic downturns have constrained the survival of furniture companies. Judging from the current situation, in the next six months, the furniture industry in the Mainland that has been developing rapidly for nearly 30 years will encounter a brief “winter”, and many furniture production and sales companies should step up research and development and pay attention to environmental protection in this process. Efforts will be made to raise the product structure and quality of the furniture industry to a higher level.

      The furniture exhibition area of the Canton Fair, many Pearl River Delta furniture manufacturers have begun to focus on the molding of their own brands, many companies' products also show their own new ideas. It is very important for companies to do a good job in transformation and upgrading. It is very important that the furniture products produced by our company are not copying foreign countries, but have their own unique positioning, and they will cooperate with their own positioning and brand characteristics to produce highly creative products. Focus on creativity and brand development to be successful winners in transition.

     At present, the office furniture industry is still manufacturing and artificially manufactured. It is not completely mechanized. It is also a labor-intensive industry and has a relatively low level of technology. This has led some businesses that do not have professional knowledge and skills to take advantage of opportunities. Faced with the "homogeneous" market environment, laymen's consumers are hard to tell.

      In the home consumer market, consumers often rush by relying on a "look and feel" specialty store and imaginary prices. They believe that high prices must be good, so some bad furniture manufacturers have picked up their brains. A foreign brand does the trick and even makes a foreign brand. In fact, all the production and installation are completed in the local small workshops, and there is no import at all.

      Many people's eyes will look different when they see that the origin is a German or Italian product. Think that foreign is good, precisely because this kind of consumer psychology contributes to the arrogance of foreign brands in the market, but also encouraged some people to do something to deceive consumers for money.

      We must pay attention to quality in the purchase of home building materials, not "high price", "big", "import" must be equal to "high quality".

      Many consumers are now blindly pursuing foreign brands, but foreign brands are not so good products? In recent days, the AQSIQ announced the first batch of unqualified food and cosmetics list, a total of 180 batches of foreign brands were refused to the country In addition, the data reflects the obvious problem, so first of all, consumers should be psychologically aware that foreign brands do not necessarily represent high quality of life. Even if you choose a foreign brand, you must also find out which part of the plate and hardware is imported, and which part is not; whether it is a domestic assembly or a pure import. These inspections can be made clear at a glance. Even if all imports are to understand quality issues.