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    Buying something as ordinary as a couch can look easy, but become more and more confusing when you feel overwhelmed by the choices out there. Often buyers will buy the wrong size, shape, or style couch, or they'll spend a lot of money on something they don't really love. The suggestions provided here will help to make sure you buy the right couch for your personal style and needs.
    1.Get an idea of what type you want.

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    Couches and sofas come in many different styles. There are thousands of shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials, and prices. It is a good idea to have a sense for what you want. Try thinking about the size and colors of the room before buying the couch. You should also think about the look and feel of the couch. You can go shopping once you have a pretty good idea of what you want to buy.
    - There are many different kinds of sofas: sectional sofas, Chesterfields, chaise lounges, sleeper sofas, futons, daybeds, loveseats, and more. You don't necessarily need to know all these by name, but do some searching online and through magazines to get a sense of the styles you like and don't like. You can even save ads/pictures for sofas you like, or start a Pinterest board for the styles you're considering.
    2 .Consider how many people you need to seat.

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    You're going to get a very different kind of sofa to frame the communal space of a family room with five kids from the one you'd get if you were setting up an intimate reading nook in a personal library. Most people don't want to squish up or sit on the crack between cushions; unless the sofa has a bench cushion, a good rule of thumb is one person per couch cushion. If you have many people to seat, consider a big sectional sofa with lots of options for spreading out or snuggling up.
    3. Consider who will be sitting on the couch, too.

    If you've got kids, you probably don't want a pristine white couch in a fabric that's difficult to clean. Consider investing in a long-lasting, dark-colored leather option that'll be easy to wipe clean. If, however, you're picking a couch for an office or a formal living room and don't predict anyone spilling on it, you can go with something more delicate without wearing about so much wear and tear.