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    Sectional sofas are large pieces of furniture that can be divided into separate pieces, which makes it easier to move and rearrange them. These sections are usually joined together with some type of clamp mechanism, so separating the sections simply means separating the clamp from the pin.
    Remove the cushions.Take all of the cushions off the sectional sofa before you begin separating it.
    -    You can technically separate the sofa sections while the cushions are still on the piece of furniture, but doing so can be more difficult since the cushions usually cover the area you will need to grab and work with.
    -    Keep the cushions nearby and keep track of which cushions belong to which section of the sofa.
    Grab the corner. Locate the corner section of the sectional sofa. Find the lip running around the top perimeter of the corner piece and slide your fingers beneath it.
    -    Placing your fingers here will give you the greatest amount of leverage when you lift up the corner section. For best results, position your fingers beneath the corner section lip along the edge it shares with the detachable section.
    Lift the corner up. Lift the lip of the corner piece straight up. The entire corner piece should lift up and out of the sectional jaw clamps.
    -    Note that most sectional sofas use jaw clamps, but some may use other clamp-and-pin style attachments. Regardless of the exact hardware used, the procedure for detaching the pieces should be the same.
    -    The pin mechanism is usually attached to the corner section, so when you lift the corner up, that pin should slide up and out of the clamp attached to the detachable section. If this does not work, it is possible that the pin is attached to the detachable section. Try lifting up the detachable section instead of the corner.
    Pull the section away. Move to the sofa section previously attached to the corner piece and grab the outer edge. Pull this edge straight out to pull the section away from the rest of the sofa.
    -    It will be easiest to pull the section away if you are pulling from the edge opposite the jaw clamp side.
    -    Note that the clamp portion of the jaw clamp may fall out as you slide the section away. This is fine, but you will need to remember that the clamp is loose while moving the section to avoid damaging any walls or other surfaces.
    Repeat as needed. If your sofa has more than one detachable section, you will need to pull each section away separately.
    -    If each detachable section was originally connected to the corner piece, they will usually separate from the corner simultaneously once you lift the corner up. If the detachable sections are all connected at different places, however, you will need to lift each connection away separately.
    -    Once the clamps and pins are separated, you should be able to move the sofa sections around as desired.
    -    After separating the sofa sections, rearrange the sofa as desired and join the sections back together as needed. Place the cushions back on the sofa when finished.