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    An idea that is now almost 40 years old, the office cubicle is a somewhat partitioned space for one or several workers in what is otherwise an unpartitioned and open building space for offices. In many companies, it has replaced the traditional individual office room or the large, unpartitioned space shared by many workers. The cubicle is intended to be a compromise that allows a certain amount of privacy, sound-proofing, and lack of distraction for the individual while at the same time encouraging a sense of collective space shared by all. The cubicle is also intended to be more cost-efficient.
    The inventor of the office cubicle was Robert Propst, whose Action Office System for Herman Miller in 1968 revolutionized the office furniture industry and the workplace. Propst's system sectioned off a large open area into reconfigurable individual enclosed or semi-enclosed work spaces.

    Now it is time to go over the benefits that each cubicle offers you. Before you make a quick decision, weigh the pros of each and figure out which cubicle would be more practical in your office.

    Center Shape

    center shape.jpg

    Often, people in the workplace do not choose these cubicle as the wires connecting your computer and telephone are easily visible.
    A center cubicle can be moved around the room and placed wherever you want it to go.
    Center cubicles sit in the middle of the room and take up a large amount of space right through the center of the room, but you are given additional space in front of the cubicle and behind the cubicle.

    U-Shaped Cubicle

    U Shape.jpg

    The u-shaped cubicle provides a lot of workroom for you to use. If you plan on having a large workload on a regular basis, this type of cubicle would be ideal. You can choose to store a lot of items on the counter of the cubicle.
    One of the downsides to a u-shaped cubicle is that it takes up quite a bit of room in your office. Make sure you have the space prior to purchasing it.

    L-Shaped cubicle

    L Shape.jpg

    L-shaped cubicleThe l-shaped cubicle is one of the more popular choices and provides you with extended room for storage and your cubicle items. The cubicle does take up a lot of room, so be prepared.


    Straight Cubicles
    Straight cubicles sit along the wall and often anchor to the wall to provide durability. The cubicle is able to store a large amount of paperwork on top and is convenient because it takes up minimal room in your office.



    Corner Cubicle
    Corner Cubicles help save room and they fit into any corner of an office. They are ideal for home environments or small offices.

    L Shape.jpg

    A corner cubicle is ideal in an office environment where you probably do not have clients coming in to your office. Since you will be facing the wall, it would not be ideal to have a client staring at your back as you talk.


    When choosing a cubicle for your office, consider your needs and the measurements of the office you plan on putting the cubicle in.