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    Reception counter or desk is makes an important part of furniture and decorating the office space with suitable and appropriate furniture is essential for company showcase. The foremost part of office area is reception where people including clientele and staff has maximum visits. It is the first thing which clientele sees in the office and it should make in such way that it fulfills the purpose of customers visiting there and adequate for employee performance as well.

    Reception desk serves the following functions: firstly reception desk exhibit a product or company name or image. The front desk is being designed accordingly so that the endorsement of company product can be managed properly. Reception desk should compliment with the company image and compatible with the customers need. Secondly, reception counter stores maximum of office storage for instance files, stationary, bills, electronic gadgets and so on.

     Therefore reception is fundamental to the image of business and necessarily designed with need of business. For small office, reception desk should be small and conservative corresponding to the need of office structure and design. If the business does not have much clientele ongoing then small desk can be fixed at the right corner made of different material. Placement of counter is important as the customer should not feel awful after entering into office.

     When it comes to big business house reception is foremost place to visit, so corporate must incorporate aesthetic characteristic in order to get the most progressive reception. It is always wise to design office desk before purchasing it from the market and also you can ask for help with interior designers for designing reception counter which would be made especially for your company.

     Reception area is as important as reception desk meanwhile deciding upon other furnishings make an important part of office door. Coffee table, comfy visitor chairs, and other furnishing material for reception area highlight office vitality and versatility.

     Here read about the different types of designer reception bespoke counter and desks which can be incorporated in an office area to enhance the overall productivity on the part of clientele and staff.

    Modern Wooden designer reception desk

     Wooden designer reception desk is elegant and stylish for an office having beams and legs of aluminum, while the wood used in this style of desk varies from ash to oak veneer. However the counter tops are available in glass or other surfaces depending upon the usability. The desks can also be avail in curved or right angle configuration.

    Reception desk with glass panel


     Usually reception desks are made of wood yet the difference lie only in the shape and design. However this reception is simple wooden desk with a unique feature of textured glass paneling in front.

    Modular reception desk

    Modular reception desk.jpg

     Modular reception can have either wood or aluminum used with glass panel and the designs vary from round to square or rectangle. Modular desk are modern and can be installed different shapes as per the requirement and form.

    Low height reception desk

     Low height reception desks are ideal for hotel and restaurant where customers of all kind visit and low height desk make the interaction clear.

    L-shape reception desk

    L shape.jpg

    This type of reception desk is usually found in school receptions as it provides the receptionist full privacy with enclosed counters. The material of L-shape desk can range from wood to iron with high or low glass paneling.

    U-shape reception desk

    U shape.jpg

     U-shape reception gives a more space for junk things lying on the reception and it combines the features of aesthetic and traditional furniture. The decorative wood accent moulding, recessed panels, rich hardware gives this desk a rich look.