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  • Ergonomic high back and comfortable chair
    Ergonomic high back and comfortable chair

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    More than a third of the day is spent at work. This chair will provide you with a comfortable and convenient feeling for sitting for a long time at work, making you relaxed and more efficient. A chair can give you a different experience



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    ERGONOMIC HEADREST                                   Double chair back

    29×17cm supporting interface                                                      Long-lasting and soft leather

    Forward-leaning set on the back                                                 3 levels to fit your preferences

    Skin-friendly, soft leather                                                             rocking backrest follows your back



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    Bonded Leather Seat                               STURDY BASE

    Long-lasting and Well-padded                                            Heavy duty with 400 pound limit

    Sophisticated appearance                                                Steel aesthetic design

    Resistant to strain spills and smells                                 360-degree swivel steel casters