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           First, you should measure the size your office before purchasing, and then conceive the indoor layout and structure according to the company's culture, operation mode and business needs. Make the size of the furniture match the size and height of the office, and avoid the failure to meet the demand after the office furniture was set.


    Second, the demand for high quality goods is authentic and strong. If it is real wood furniture, please note that its water content cannot exceed 12%, it is best to buy a splicing structure instead of a nail gun. Office furniture must be square, the diagonal must be consistent, the landing should be stable, the hardware components should be firm, and the doors and drawers should be flexible. The surface of office furniture made of leather must be flat, free from air bubbles, cracks, and tight seams.


          Third, office furniture is not a consumable item. When purchasing, it should adhere to the principle of “nothing better than the fake”. If you can't fill your office, you should purchase it according to the needs of your use. The area of office furniture should not exceed 50% of the indoor area. The selection of office furniture should pay attention to "color and taste", and must be coordinated with the company's culture and business nature.



          Fourth, the yearning for change is a common consumer psychology of many people and the layout of the office and the purchase of office furniture are also the same way.  An office is beautifully decorated and luxurious, but as time goes on, this freshness and beauty will also weaken. Therefore, when choosing the furniture in the office, try to be clean, comfortable and fashionable. Don't put the office too full. There is room for the location of the furniture. It is recommended to choose the office furniture that can be adjusted for the future.