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    The introduction of stand up workstation is a cost-effective way for employers to improve the health of their workforce, an Australian study has found.

    6 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

      -Reduce Back Pain. ...

      -Lower your Risk of Heart Disease. ...

      -Lower your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity. ...

      -Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. ...

      -Improve Mood and Gain Energy. ...

      -Boost Your Productivity.

    But, "Prolonged standing discomfort increased (all body areas), reaction time and mental state deteriorated while creative problem-solving improved," the other researchers wrote in the new study. "Prolonged standing should be undertaken with caution."

    For the new study, conducted at Curtin University in Australia, 20 people were observed during two hours of laboratory-based standing computer work. The researchers examined levels of discomfort and cognitive function, along with muscle fatigue, movement, lower limb swelling and mental state.

    Over time, the researchers report, discomfort increased in all body areas, and the participants' mental state started to slow after about 75 minutes -- although "creative' decision-making was shown to marginally improve.

    And you?