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    Office furniture can create an excellent office decoration that will show the company's culture in a fixed space. Through the renovation of the office, it is allowed to visit customers and employees to enter the company's office. They have some basic understanding of the company. These are displayed by the designer through the details of the overall style and decoration.

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    Age-old Fengshui is a series of theories about the selection of site and the planning of a building. For companies, the financial office is the core of this action. Setting up feng shui in the finance office is very important. So what should we focus on?

    First of all, for customers, a good office environment can reflect the company's overall image. A complete, unified and beautiful office image can increase the trust of customers. Only by gaining the trust and support from customers can the company be invincible in the industry, and it can achieve long-term development and be beneficial to the establishment of the company's brand.

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    Second, for employees, the office is a place for mental labor. Most of the company's creativity comes from the creativity of each local employee. Therefore, the importance of the personal environment and taking into account the collective space, with active people's thinking, strive to improve office efficiency, which has become an important means of improving office efficiency. At the same time, humanized office furniture can also bring psychological satisfaction to employees.

    As the meeting space and meeting room for most customers, the office space must not only express the overall image, but also adopt a strategy of reducing confrontation, creating a pleasant and relaxed business negotiation atmosphere for themselves and business partners, and becoming a successful business negotiation. help me. Conference rooms with a certain activity space can often allow customers to relax and promote negotiations.


    First of all, the location of the financial office
    The financial office's job is to handle money issues, so it's best to set up a financial situation and set up a safe at the office to ensure the company's financial resources. Second, the financial office cannot be too close to the elevator car. Because the elevator is an important carrier of inspiration, people come and go, and interference is great.


    Second, the decoration of the financial room
    Since the five elements of a financial office are gold, silver and silver should be used as much as possible to show the characteristics of the treasure. The seats of the treasurer, the accountant and the cashier do not face the portal directly. If you are in a hurry, you can cause an error in your business. Moreover, no sidewalks can be set behind the seats of these office furniture, otherwise they will run away and increase accidental expenses.


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    The third is the financial office building
    Evergreen bonsai is placed in the financial room to symbolize financial resources. It is best to choose a large vase that is more than half the height of the room, or choose a bonsai tree such as an iron tree, a begonia, a money tree, and a lucky bamboo. Large tree species should be chosen for profit, not for conifers. If the financial room is near a window, placing a row of bonsai on a balcony in front of a floor-to-ceiling window or placing bonsai flowers on a window sill can not only capture air, but also make the office lively and conducive to health and wealth.