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    Foshan is a place where there are more furniture production bases. Of course, there are also many office furniture factories to buy good office furniture.

    Not only must pay attention to the appearance and practicality, but also reduce the cost as much as possible. That is to say, Foshan is home to many office furniture brands. Which office furniture factory in Foshan is better? :

    If you want to ask where is China's largest office furniture market? Knowledgeable people will tell you that Foshan Shunde is China's largest business furniture manufacturing and distribution center. In Shunde, Shunde, Foshan, Shunli North District to Longjiang Furniture City has tens of miles of furniture market, high-end furniture in everything.
    To find the right fit in so many office furniture business requires consumers to practice a pair of eye-catching eyes, because you may accidentally be used by some bad businesses. As a brand of office furniture based in Foshan for many years, it is very familiar with the environment of Foshan office furniture market. When interviewing Helen, the general manager of HCfurniture, the reporter got very valuable experience and can help you avoid procurement pitfalls.
    In the current office furniture industry, whoever has paid for it has always been able to get the goods. Such a development model is very good for the company's early occupation of the market. But for distributors, the scope of positioning is narrow or too wide, and there is no targeted consumer group. If you want to increase the sales of shopping malls, the positioning and marketing of office furniture brands is the key.

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    In the financial crisis, the office furniture market has been greatly affected, and the various expenses of dealers are still huge. Many dealers are already at a critical juncture. Under such economic pressure, the marketing strategy of office furniture is very important.
     Nowadays, there are dealers who are no longer just agents of a brand, but according to the consumer population, choose a number of brands for the agency, but the cost of acting for more than a few office furniture brands, the resulting effect is not necessarily very good.
    Multiple office furniture brands operate at the same time, and brand selection is crucial, and multiple brands cannot be blindly managed. The choice of office furniture brands focuses on complementarity, such as product style, price, consumer groups and grades to form a complementary. Can not blindly choose, not only a waste of resources, but also have no effect. Acting for multiple office furniture brands needs to understand the positioning of their agency brand and target customer group positioning to see if there is complementarity between the agency brands.
    For example, where the agent's office furniture brand is targeted at the social elite, the high-income group of people, that agency's other office furniture brand positioning is also true for the high-end customer base. If one of the brand's desks and office sofas is the best in the industry, then another office furniture brand can choose office screens and office chairs to be the best in the industry. At the same time, it meets the product demands of the customer groups and brings greater market advantages in expanding channels.

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    One of the usual methods for bad businesses: shoddy
    Many foreign buyers have suffered from this loss. When they look at the factory and look at the goods, the quality of the products is very good. After paying the purchase price, the bad businesses impersonate the defective products into the container. Some office chairs are even used because the materials are too thin. Can not sit, this is a typical upstart approach. Put a shot for a shot, the buyer is completely passive. No one can contact you if you find a problem.
    The second method used by bad businesses: Forgetting commitment
    In this case, good service and quality are not fulfilled at the time of delivery. I will wrestle with forgetting that this is not the case. Because the buyer could not come up with a specific written agreement, they had to give up.
    The third common method used by bad businesses: high prices
    The phenomenon of high-priced cheating is not only found in the Foshan office furniture market, but also is the same with the freight department. Most of the furniture manufacturers in Shunde, Foshan do not have the exact price, salespersons or bosses are looking at the insider to the customer's advice. Do not pay attention will be slaughtered. Or give birth to a lot of extra costs.
    Avoid purchasing pitfalls
    In the process of communicating with reporters, there are some ways to avoid these office furniture procurement pitfalls.
    The first is to cooperate with regular manufacturers. In the Shunde office furniture market in Foshan, there are many small businesses that are roasted. Not only are they not registered in the industry and commerce departments, even the mall properties do not know more about them. Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee quality and reputation. The regular manufacturers have business licenses even if they are self-employed licenses, so that in the event of a problem, we have to defend their rights.
    Secondly, we need to be professional when looking for manufacturers. We must ask detailed product material specifications and colors. Do not fully obey the business. It is necessary to sign detailed orders and contracts with the merchants. A healthy office furniture market is the market for survival of the fittest, not the market for poor currency. HCfurniture believes that adherence to quality in the chaos of the market, the integrity of the first office furniture brand should have the attitude, so as to accumulate the brand's popularity and reputation. HCfurniture is one of the top ten office brands in Guangdong. After years of rapid development, its output and sales have ranked the forefront of the office furniture industry in Guangdong, and its products have established a good reputation for health and comfort.