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    1. From the point of view of ergonomic design, the high-end ergonomics computer chair, in order to alleviate fatigue and protect human health, the back of the chair is S-shaped designed to fit the curve of the back. But if you look at the side of the chair, you can see the so-called S-shaped curve of the cheap chair. Incongruous with the overall presentation of the chair, it looks stiff.


    2. Function is the key to ensuring comfort. From a practical point of view, there is no doubt that just like a few hundred yuan average phone and a several thousand yuan Apple phone, the use experience must be very different. High-end ergonomic computer chairs are more comfortable to use. The main reason is that in order to make the user more comfortable, the designer will strictly follow the ergonomic design principle and multifunction design according to the relationship between human body and sitting posture. In order to give users a full range of comfortable experience.

    For example, the head needs adequate support design. High-end ergonomic computer chair will adapt to different people's body shape and use habits, head pillow with multi-function rotation, lifting design, in order to effectively alleviate the user's head fatigue. Sitting for a long time easily tired, when tired, it would be very good to lie down for a while. When the user feels tired sitting, you can use the back-up function back rest. At the same time, you can also set back angle, so that the body completely relax in the chair rest. In addition, the armrest uses ergonomic multifunctional design, is the ordinary computer chair is distinguished from the higher-end computer chair.

    3. Material is to ensure any product, in addition to design, function, but also need to pay attention to material selection. Good material is the necessary guarantee of quality. For example, high-end web cloth can be soft, comfortable, breathable sweat, prevent back germs, but also ensure weight bearing durability, even fat people, lean back, do not worry about the net cloth damage.