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    How to choose office chair-function of office chair

    1. Change the height of the seat at will, choose the office chair with pneumatic Optimus Prime, adjust the height of the seat according to the height and leg length.

    2. Keep the back comfortable and can choose the office chair with adjustable back. Back height, tilt angle can be adjusted at the same time. According to the need of different circumstances, make appropriate adjustment, always maintain the correct posture.

    3. The angle of chair seat is adjustable. Adjust the angle of the back and chair seat, naturally reduce the leg and back pressure, promote blood circulation and smooth breathing.

     4. Seat height and armrest height are adjustable. Easy and easy to adjust as needed to relieve neck and shoulder pressure.

    5. The chair has the swing adjustment function, making the sitting posture more casual and comfortable. If chair seat and back can be adjusted separately, can further increase comfortable feeling.

     6. Seat depth can be adjusted according to height to reduce fatigue caused by long working hours. A high-backed office chair can better support your body.

    7. Sitting too long can easily lead to muscle tension and fatigue. Therefore, in the work, should often relax rest, or change posture, to ease fatigue. How to choose office chair-office chair purchase skills

    A good office chair can often make us more comfortable in up to eight hours of office hours, and good office chairs have a lot of function, adjust the posture, prevent "sit" out of illness is the best function. Office chair function so much, also want us to choose the right line, so we choose office chair skill is also quite important, everyone must be careful, sit too much also want to walk more oh.