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    We must first look at the materials used in office furniture. If solid wood is used as the substrate, the relative solid wood office furniture will have very little room for contamination, so we can purchase it with confidence. However, if a wood-based panel is used as a substrate, it is necessary to first look at whether the furniture has a nationally recognized environmental protection mark. With this sign, you can also buy it with confidence.
    In addition to the environmental protection signs of office furniture, you need to experience it yourself. When you open a drawer or cabinet door, you can use the nose to smell irritating odors. The irritating odor is caused by excessive formaldehyde, and the odor can make people feel tearful. Do not purchase such office furniture. If it is indeed tested by the state, some of the breath is bound to be accompanied by paints, adhesives, etc. Such products can also be purchased.
    We should not only pay attention to the price of office furniture, but pay more attention to the craftsmanship and materials of its products. Let's take a look at whether the office furniture is sealed or not, and whether the seal is flat and tight. Due to the tight seal, formaldehyde will be enclosed in the sheet and will not pollute the indoor air. The moisture content of the furniture cannot be too high. Furniture with high moisture content not only has quality problems, but also increases the release rate of formaldehyde.

    Monsieur office furniture Tips: It is best to buy some green plants in the office area. This will not only play an environmental protection role but also have a beautiful appearance. For example, Chlorophytum can absorb 95% of carbon monoxide and 85% of formaldehyde in the air; Arisaema can absorb 80% of benzene and 50% of trichloroethylene in the air; Magnolia can absorb carbon dioxide and chlorine; Whelan can effectively absorb the air. Fluorine and sulfur dioxide.

    1, the overall mix:
    A、Integrality: When choosing office furniture, consider office furniture because of the specifications, styles, colors, etc., with a clever combination, can create a simple and comfortable office environment.
    B. Size: In addition to the conventional product size, office furniture can be customized according to the site size requirements. It can make full use of space, and can also be arranged flexibly according to the nature of use.
    C. style style: choose office furniture and office decoration to consider the overall style of coordination, the other is the user according to their preferences, thereby increasing the combination of functions to achieve their desired style.
    Solid wood class table total planting table Big class table Big class table owner table
    2, smart combination: Combination of office furniture is now popular office furniture, the advantage is easy to disassemble, can be freely combined, rational use of space.
    3, practical principles: Many office furniture companies in order to meet the customer's aesthetic requirements, get out of a lot of promotional office furniture, some of the aesthetics are beyond practicality, as a consumer, we must grasp this standard of practicality.

    4, Ning lack of abuse: Office furniture is not a waste of goods, in the purchase of coping with the "Ning lack of abuse," the criteria, can not be full of office stuff, based on the needs of the purchase of additional purchases, such as desks, conference tables, office Sofas, etc. are all necessary purchase products. These are the necessary products for office furniture. It is necessary to not purchase extra office furniture.
    5. Reserve space: An office is beautifully decorated and extravagant. However, with the passage of time, this novelty will also be weakened. Therefore, the furniture in the office cannot be placed too full. It is necessary to leave room for adjusting the furniture in the future. It is suggested that office furniture that can be adjusted to be suitable for future adjustment.