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    Sectional sofas are large pieces of furniture that can be divided into separate pieces, which makes it easier to move and rearrange them. These sections are usually joined together with some type of clamp mechanism, so separating the sections simply means separating the clamp from the pin.

    Remove the cushions. If there are any cushions on your sections before you join them, temporarily take those cushions off before connecting the sections together.
    -    Taking the cushions off will make it easier to see what you are doing while joining the sections. You can technically join the sections together with the cushions on, but doing so is not recommended.
    -    It is best to keep the cushions nearby as you work. Make sure that you remember which cushion belongs to which sofa section.
    Locate the pins. Find the sectional jaw clamps on both connecting sections. Arrange the separated sections so that these clamps line up with one another.
    -    Make sure that you know which section has the “pin” side of the clamp and which has the actual “clamp” side.
    -    If the clamps lie flat against the sofa sections, you do not need to make any changes to them before joining the sections together.
    -    If the sectional sofa has clamps that extend outward, make sure that these clamps are parallel to the base of the section before joining the sections together. These types of jaw clamps tend to fall down when you separate the sofas, so you will likely need to straighten them up each time you want to reconnect the sections.
    Slide the pins together. Lift the pin-side section up and push it directly next to the clamp-side section. Press the pin-side section down until the pin snaps into the clamp of the adjacent section.
    -    The pin-side section is usually the corner piece, so the corner is usually the section you will need to lift and move.
    -    Note that for some outward facing clamps, you do not need to lift the section to join it to its adjacent piece. You might be able to simply push the clamp into the pin while both sections are flat on the ground.
    -    Regardless of how the clamp works, you should wait until you hear an audible “click” or until both sections appear perfectly level before you stop pushing the clamp together.
    Repeat as needed. If your sofa has multiple detached sections, you will need to join each section together one at a time.
    -    It is best to connect the heaviest or largest sections together first. Join the smallest section to the sofa last.
    -    Some pieces may have both pin-side and clamp-side hardware on them, so you will need to make sure that you line up the correct side with the adjacent section based on which type of hardware is on that adjacent section.
    Replace the cushions. Now that the sections have been joined, you should place the cushions back on the sofa sections.
    -    Once the cushions are back in place, the sectional sofa should be ready to use.