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        First of all, there are some very important things that need to be resolved before purchasing furniture. What the office furniture company says is to integrate the size of the statistical office space. Then, based on the company's culture, operation methods, and business needs, we conceived the indoor plane structure, Fengshui format, etc., so that the size of the furniture coincided with the area and height of the office and prevented the office furniture from meeting the demand after it was built. Office furniture is not a waste of goods. When it comes to purchase, it must deal with the rules of “rather boring and blaming.” If it cannot fill up the office completely, it must be purchased in accordance with the requirements of the application. The office furniture company recommends that the size of the furniture placed is normal. Should not exceed 50% of the indoor area is better.

        In general, office furniture companies believe that the following things must be considered before purchasing furniture. First, style style: When choosing the office furniture, it is necessary to consider and coordinate the overall style of the office decoration. In addition, the user can follow his/her preference to increase the combination function and achieve the style he wants. Second, integrity: When choosing office furniture, consider office furniture because of its specifications, styles, colors, and so on, which can be used to create a simple and comfortable office environment. Third, size: In addition to the conventional product size, the office furniture can be customized according to the site size requirements. It can make full use of space, and can also be arranged flexibly according to the nature of the use. Fourth, another factor to be considered will be the furniture material that you want to use. A wide variety, such as glass, wood, or even plastic, can be chosen. Then make the best decision based on the taste and personality of the person using the item. Fifth, we must also consider the layout of the office. Accessories must be spaced sufficiently to avoid accidents. It is necessary to maintain a standard spacing between homes at any two points and must comply with this Regulation. The services of experts can be sought to ensure that the company achieves this goal.

         When choosing furniture, different homes have different methods of selection. Now office furniture company will give you a one-by-one introduction. Small pieces of furniture, such as seats, stools, hangers, etc., can be dragged on the concrete floor during picking, gently throwing and falling, sound crisp, indicating that the quality is better; if the sound is dumb, there is a buzzing noise It shows that the combination of eyes and eyes is not strict and the structure is not strong. There should be four triangular clips on the legs of the square table, bar table, chairs, etc., which play a fixed role. If not, the time may take longer to disperse. When you choose, you can look over and see the table and chairs. The cloth chair can be touched by hand. Tables and tables can be shaken by hand to see if they are unstable. The sofa can sit and use a shook, if not active, not soft, no sound, to explain the structure of the blink, more reliable, if you sit and move and squeak and ring, a shake on the shake, it is a nail live, It won't take long.

        These are the most useful techniques for selecting office furniture. In the office furniture company's opinion, the things to do before buying are not as simple as choosing office furniture.