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    The office needs are constantly changing and updating. From the paper office many years ago to today's computer and internet office methods, office furniture has new requirements. It not only requires the office furniture to be stable and reliable, but also puts forward new requirements for the cable layout, storage, and adaptability to the attached equipment and ergonomic design. Therefore, office furniture should be designed to continue to innovate, close to and lead the needs of users, promote the upgrading of industrial structure, from the production and processing industry to a new industry led by design and research and development.

    As a world-famous manufacturer of office furniture, China has few "well-known brands" and has to regret and regret. In the face of such a status quo and unprecedented opportunities, Chinese office furniture manufacturers must begin to change their existing conditions and devote efforts to innovation and environmental protection.

    What kind of office furniture is solid wood? There are rules, the main use of some wood and a small amount of man-made board and other accessories can be called solid wood office furniture, only 30% of the wood content, even if there are density board and particleboard inside Called solid wood office furniture.

    In addition to solid wood office furniture, there is a kind of office furniture. China office furniture factory mainly pushes this type of office furniture, usually this type of office furniture, this kind of office furniture is generally based on the sleek minimalist style.

    While strengthening innovation, it is also an inevitable trend for the Chinese office furniture manufacturers to promote the development of environmentally-friendly office furniture. While China’s timber resources are in serious shortage, the public’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing. Therefore, environmentally friendly and resource-saving office furniture will be another trend. On the one hand, due to the scarcity of wood resources and the rising pressure of raw material costs, office furniture should make full use of existing timber resources to ensure that the structure is stable while controlling timber consumption. At the same time, the use of new materials and new processes also promotes this process. Accelerate advancement. On the other hand, with the increase of environmental awareness of the public, the environmental safety requirements for office furniture are also increasing day by day, urging office furniture manufacturers to improve the design and improve the level of technology. Therefore, promoting the establishment of an authoritative environmental certification system for office furniture in China and strengthening the environmental protection supervision of certified companies is an important means to promote the environmental friendliness of office furniture in China.

    In summary, innovation and environmental protection will be the general trend of the development of the office furniture industry. Foshan office furniture should consider the issue of innovation and environmental protection in product design, guide it through sound policies, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry.