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      When the newly-opened company was renovating, the most important thing was to purchase office furniture. How to buy brand office furniture became a big problem for us. How to crack it? Five suggestions for the newly opened company to buy brand office furniture:

    1, office furniture stores must have after-sales service protection:

          The purchase of office furniture products is important not only for pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, but also for phased service guarantees such as installation, return visits, and necessary maintenance.

    2. Do not relax your vigilance on office furniture brands that can bargain:

           It is suggested that when consumers purchase office furniture brands, they need to use a combination of electronic network and physical store to understand the query and then release. Businesses use consumers to trust the brand, but also greed for cheaper psychology, using low prices, discounts and more fake brands to consumers cheated. You can also enter the official website to conduct transactions online, offline store experience.

    3, do not buy the label as an imported product:

          At present, furniture manufacturers are more popular in registering U.S. trademarks or company names. Actually, most of them are manufactured locally. In the United States, there are neither corporate entities nor product designs, and only one phone answering service. Therefore, when consumers choose to label Hong Kong furniture products, do not blindly superstition, we must focus on the choice of product materials and processes, view the product's production, understand the real origin.

    4, do not forget to confirm all solid wood and solid wood veneer

          The national standard implemented on May 1, 2018 stipulates that solid wood furniture is divided into three types of solid wood office furniture, solid wood office furniture, and solid wood veneer furniture according to the ratio and technology of solid wood materials.

      There is also a phenomenon that when customers face price difference products, they often question what cannot be sold at low prices. Take the screen work position as an example. The customer's style quotes that look very similar are very uncomprehensible, and some offer 900. More than US dollars, and some offer more than 500 US dollars.

    Is it really a messy quote? If you look carefully at the samples, you will find that there are differences in the important details such as materials, materials, structure, and edge seals, which will result in a price difference. As the saying goes, a penny and a minute, when you When faced with different prices, you need to understand more details and don't just be tempted by the low prices.