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    The computer chair is made for people’s health, it is also name ergonomic chair. Wrong sitting position and inferior computer chair are likely to become the inducement that causes vertebral disease and lumbar disease. A good ergonomic chair can correct sitting position, give lumbar and neck strong support, maintain body shape, keep body health.

    A good computer chair should consist of five parts: five claws, pneumatic bar, chassis, cushion and backrest. Only every part conforms to the ergonomic principle, which can constitute a comfortable computer chair. Following, let’s talk about how to choose a suitable computer chair.

    For the five claws, there are many kinds, such as nylon, aluminum alloy, steel claws and so on. Apart from the different appearance, its bearing capacity and quality are different. Generally speaking, the quality and price are aluminum alloy > nylon > steel system. A lot of businessmen maybe use the 5 claw with inferior plastic, often brittle and changeful. So choosing a computer chair must seek branded merchants. The chair that 50 yuan use a day, cost performance is inferior to 500 yuan use 10 years far.

    When choosing a pneumatic bar, be sure to choose a computer chair certified by a professional certification authority. The case that the chair explodes endlessly on the news, inferior chair causes barometric rod explosion actually. To protect your safety, make sure you choose a computer chair certified by the SGS pneumatic bar. For example, HC office furniture computer chair, all chairs are three-level pneumatic bar, with international SGS certification, in line with international standards for BIFMA explosion protection.

    The chassis, you can think of it as the center of the whole chair. Almost all of the functions of the computer chair are realized by the chassis, including lifting, lying back, swivel and so on, as well as anti-explosion effect. People can choose the chassis of different function according to oneself demand, and chassis is better to choose thicker, more secure.

    Seat cushion is the most intuitive part of feeling comfortable. A good seat cushion, must accord with the curve of human buttock and leg, sponge thickness and density are very important, sponge is better to choose thick, primary sponge is better quality. Not only does it last longer, but it's also comfortable to sit. For example, HC office furniture computer chairs are made of streamlined ergonomic cushions and high resilient primary sponges.

    The backrest is the soul of the whole chair. This part must be fully suit for ergonomic, and the more tightly it fits the curve of the spine the better. Straight back chairs tend to cause the body to get unreasonable support, in general, vertical backward 10 ° of a chair can make the waist more relax. Streamlined, inverted triangle, inverted Y, there are a lot of different backs, so please pay attention to the buyer's comments and choose the one that suits you best.