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    A good office system makes you work more efficiently.

    Our office solution products in 2017 CIFF is your ideal choice.

    It creates any kind of space, from workstations to team spaces, to private spaces that support both collaboration and concentration.

    It works beautifully with hundreds of other products.

    It offers options, choices and applications to fit the grid, or break the mold.


    Unique series offers so many ways to tailor workstations to meet work demands. Upmount bins add privacy and define the space. Screens work above and below the worksurface, while low panels between workstations help teammates work together.


    An executive workstation combines a hard-working office with a contemplative retreat. Panels support storage, display and worksurface, and manage privacy. Worksurfaces are both fixed and mobile. Here’s a workspace that keeps your options open.